You might be paying too much on your property taxes

Even if you already hire a professional to manage your property tax valuation issues, are you confident they haven't overlooked other savings on non-value related fees?

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Owners & Investors

Maximize your investment by eliminating direct assessment overcharges.

Property Managers

Improve your owners’ bottom line profits by partnering with a direct assessment expert.

Business Occupants

Grow your business with the additional capital recovered from property tax savings.

Are you certain your direct assessments are fairly calculated?

We are bombarded with taxes. And many taxpayers do not realize that real estate property taxes include more than the property owner's 1% general tax levy. Many bond items, city assessments and community service fees are tacked on to property tax bills.

Because of the diversity with which these various special assessments are calculated, many inaccuracies go undetected.

Due to mass industry "pigeon holing" used by taxing authorities to determine these assessments, many taxpayers have been paying taxes in excess of what is required by law. Why? Because the unique circumstances of individual properties, which can highly impact the equity of these fees, are not taken into consideration with standard calculation methods. Unfortunately, as property owners and business managers focus their efforts on maintaining profitable operations, they often lack the time and knowledge needed to manage these complex taxation matters.

You Need a Direct Assessments Expert on Your Team

Our staff at State Tax Management specializes in Direct Assessment analysis. Our initial free evaluation is simple yet affective in determining whether your property merits a full direct assessment review. Do not let legitimate tax savings go unclaimed. Get the process started by contacting us today.