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Our team at State Tax Management is dedicated to searching out unfair and incorrect direct assessment items on real property tax bills and getting inequities remedied on behalf of the taxpayer.

You may be paying too much on your property tax bills.

In addition to property tax valuation issues, there may be additional savings in your direct assessments.

Chances are you already hire a professional to manage your property tax valuation issues. But are you confident they haven't overlooked other savings on non-value related fees? It is not uncommon for valuation experts know very little about direct assessments

We specialize in uncovering these inequities and fixing them on your behalf.

We Get Results

A property manager with several retail properties in Los Angeles County approached us about our direct assessment work. They had been working with another consulting firm for several years and were able to realize some substantial savings.

When we took them on, our team went through and looked at everything that had been done very closely. We discovered several missed opportunities. There were years to which applicable reductions had not been applied, additional leveraging issues that were not pursued, as well as entire assessments that apparently had not been reviewed.

Our efforts resulted in additional refunds of approximately $175,000 in just the first year of analyzing the group of properties. And many of the reductions were permanent changes that the property owners have continued to benefit from (enjoy) for several years. I am sure that property manager got an A+ rating for the added value they created that year.

What We Do

Acting as your tax agents, we manage the process from start to finish, leaving you to focus your efforts on what you do best for your business.

  • Confirmation of all pertinent property data
  • Thorough review of governing documents
  • Analysis of parcel specific considerations
  • Investigation of multi-mechanisms for reduction
  • Pursuit of multiple year savings
  • All communications with assessing district personnel
  • Preparation of claim documents and back-up paperwork
  • Follow-up on projected reductions and refunds

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