Client Testimonials

We're just as excited about positive outcomes as you are.

Just a note to thank you, Teri, for the exceptional service you and State Tax Management continually provide on our behalf.

Your knowledge ane expertise in this field have proven to be invaluable for us as Los Cab has, and continues to realize a significant tax savings sinc eyou and STM have been auditing our account—areas where we would have otherwise never been aware.

Your professionalism is exemplary and you get the job done.

Julie A. Frey, President
Los Caballeros Racquet & Sports Club

Just a note to tell you how completely satisified I am with State Tax Management's work on our Direct Assessment appeals. In four short months we have received over $87,000 in refunds and/or reductions in current year taxes.

Historically, the building has retained a property tax consultant to review tax bills. During this process I learned that they typically review and challenge only "Assessed Values" and do not look at Direct Assessemtns. This has been an eye opening experience for me. In my 24 years in the property management business, I have never focused on Direct Assessments. I can now see how important it is to have these reviewed by an experienced professional.

Mark Hazan, General Manager
Cushman & Wakefield of California, Inc.

Teri, it is a pleasure working with you. Your service on getting us a refund each year has been wonderful. That you called me when I forgot was over and above the call of duty.

Thank you Teri for all the years of service you have provided. You get the job done with little or no work by me and in a timely manner.

Tom Minahan, Property Owner
Southern California

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